Todd Kulczyk

Todd Kulczyk, MA, MFA

is an individual, couples, and family therapist and drama therapist in private practice. Todd has worked as a professor and recently taught a two-day workshop at the University of Iceland merging couples/family therapy with creative arts. He is currently in the beginning stages of a research study investigating the intervention of video making in the therapeutic process, externalizing clients’ struggles into a fictional space by creating a music video.

In Reykjavík, Todd works at Samtökin 78 with asylum seekers who identify in the gender and sexual diversities community. Distant Voices is a project Todd led using an interactive narrative to visually recount stories of immigrants and asylum seekers allowing insight into different realities and experiences.

Todd continues to explore our personal relationship with the spaces we create merging Clare Cooper Marcus's House as a Mirror of Self research with drama therapy.

Todd has also explored global psychology. In India, he joined the Tibetan and Indian communities addressing personal bias, privilege, severe poverty, abuse, addiction, and social injustice. At Panjab University in Chandigarh, Todd was a Seminar Presenter on Narradrama Theory and Method in Practice. Using storytelling, a reflective team, and identifying support resources, this form of Narradrama combines Narrative Theory and Creative Arts Therapies in a group session. Todd also joined the Psychology students to discuss the evolution and possibilities in the field of Therapy, investigate a global view of Counseling Psychology.

Todd holds a certification in First Aid Arts level I & II serving survivors of abuse, violence, and disaster using effective arts-based healing resources. He is also a certified teacher of Hasya Yoga.

Todd is on the Board of Directors for the Association of Family Therapists in Iceland working on the education committee. He is licensed in the United States and has membership with the North American Drama Therapy Association as well as the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

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