Dr. Valgerður Jónsdóttir

Dr. Valgerður Jónsdóttir

Valgerður Jónsdóttir received a bachelor’s degree in music special education and music therapy from University of Kansas, a master’s degree in music therapy from the Norwegian Academy of Music, and her Ph.D. from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Valgerður was one of the founding members of the Icelandic Music Therapy Association (Físmús) in 1997 and its president until the year 2011. She is the representative of Físmús in the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC).

Valgerður worked in child psychiatry for over twenty years, in an interdisciplinary team at the State Child Psychiatric Hospital in Reykjavík. In 1986 Valgerður founded Tónstofa Valgerðar, a private music therapy studio and a music school for individuals with special needs. In Tónstofan she works as a director, supervisor, music therapist and a special music teacher. For pioneering work conducted at her special music school, Valgerður has received several grants and honors.

Besides her clinical and administrative work, Valgerður has been a member of scientific committees, written articles and book chapters, presented peer reviewed papers and lectured abroad on the topic of music-caring. She has also given seminars and workshops for various institutions, associations, and schools in Iceland. Her work has focused on: music-caring within the framework of early intervention, application of integrated theories in music therapy, musical development in infancy, music in special education, and creativity.

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