Carolina Schindler

Carolina Schindler

Carolina Schindler studied Art Therapy for Bachelor Degree (B.A.) at the HAN University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and then earned her Master of Arts Therapies degree (M.A.) at Freiburg University in Germany. 

She worked as a docent in art therapy at the Art Academy in Munich (teaching classes in clinical art therapy) and then as a docent for art therapy at HAN University in Nijmegen, teaching art therapy methodology, art therapy research methods and guiding internships in different kinds of institutions and clinics in the Netherlands for future art therapists. 

Prior to that, she worked for several years as an art therapist with senior citizens with depression and dementia and at a closed psychiatric ward at a university hospital in Munich. There she performed also an art therapy research in 2015 about "Treatment expectations and treatment satisfaction related to therapeutic relationship- and self-efficacy aspects in the art therapy and psychiatric nursing". 

Carolina has extensive experience in individual and group art therapy treatments for schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, depression, mania, personality disorders (especially borderline), anxiety disorders,eating disorders, compulsive disorders and dementia.

Since May 2016 she lives in Reykjavík, Iceland and works there with preschool children that have emotional,social and developmental difficulties using art therapeutic approaches and projects. In connection to her projects she is researching the need for emotional teaching in the early years of childhood in the kindergarten focused on the view of the parents and the staff.

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